3 Pakistani Slay Queens In Backless Tops

The Pakistani showbiz industry is known for its beautiful and glamorous actresses. Their bewitching looks and charming outfits makes them stand out everywhere. Undoubtedly, Pakistani actresses rule on the TV screens and slay the fans off-screen. That’s why they are called the Pakistani Slay Queens.

Pakistani actresses have the most unique and fashionable wardrobe collections. However, whatever they chose to wear became the fashion statement for the rest. We’ve listed your most favorite 3 Pakistani actresses who slew everyone with their bold backless tops.


1. Mahira Khan

She’s our number one slay queen for a reason. Her bold looks and bold dresses make everyone exclaim Wow! Mahira Khan has become a fashion for Pakistan and around; she knows well how to slay with looks. Have a look at Mahira’s backless tops collection.

Mahira khan backless top

2. Urwa Hoccane


The cute and bold Urwa Hoccane is another Pakistani slay queen who rules the hearts. Urwa has a unique dress-sense and a bold personality complement that compliment her looks. She’s fond of revealing dresses and always shows a little extra to slay her fans.

3. Ayesha Omer

She always leaves everyone stunned with her dressing style. Ayesha loves dressing well and doesn’t care about revealing cuts and silhouettes. She’s the sexiest and most stylish actress of the Pakistani showbiz industry. Here’s her backless tops collection:


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