A Day Of Atif Aslam With Shahveer Jafry!

Shahveer Jafry, a famous Youtuber from Canada/Pakistan uploaded a vlog recently. The vlog had a whole day with international singer Atif Aslam. Shahveer had Atif Aslam as a guest, and the moments he spent with him were surprisingly amazing.

Youtuber Shahveer wanted to surprise his family and friends because he bought a new car but with a little twist. He invited Atif Aslam and gave him a ride, so he can give a double surprise to his family and friends. Shahveer uploaded the vlog on Youtube with the title “Atif Aslam surprising my friends!”.

In the vlog, Shahveer surprises his different friends by having Atif Aslam hidden in the trunk of his new car. The vlog is 10 minutes long but full of fun as everybody could not believe their eyes when they saw Atif Aslam in real life.

Between all this fun, Jafry asked Atif Aslam that if he wasn’t a singer what he would be? Atif said he would be a GD Pilot. He went to Fazai college and was passionate about being a fighter pilot. He further said, he would be a cricketer. He said that he was also selected as a fast bowler in the under 19 cricket team. Atif hinted at releasing his new songs which are related to the parallel universe. The song will be out by the next month.

During the vlog, Shahveer Jafry and Atif Aslam also jammed on the new song “Kadi te Hass Bol” that Atif Aslam sang for Velo Sound station. The song has already gone very famous but the two of them singing together was the gold part of the vlog.

Go watch Shahveer’s vlog and let us know how you like it!