A Woman From Faisalabad Sues Hadiqa Kiani For Damaging Her Hair!

Hadiqa Kiani is a superstar female singer in Pakistan Music Industry who owes her own Beauty Salon. A woman client came to her salon for hair straightening treatment which turned out in filing a case against the salon and demanding Rs. 20 million worth of compensation on the Faisalabad’s franchise of Hadiqa Kiani’s beauty salon.

The name of the woman is Zahida who has filed a case against the salon and asking for Rs. 2.5 million of compensation over her loss. According to her, she suffered the hair loss patch after her hair strengthening treatment at Hadiqa’s. Zahida says the loss occurred due to the use of harmful creams on hair which is quite evident in damaging her appearance.

The lawsuit is in the process. Hadiqa along with Deputy Commissioner Faisalabad and the Health office was summoned on December 16, 2020. Hadiqa Kiana has ensured that she would look into the matter and record her statement in the court.

Hope to see best for both sides. Such negligence is the cause of lowering the reputation of businesses. Hadiqa Kiani has been working on her salon for several years. Nobody could ever expect such a thing at her salon!

Prayers for both parties!