Aamir Liaquat Left Pakistan? 

The renowned politician, TV host, and religious scholar Dr. Aamir Liaquat is making headlines because of recent controversy. His third wife Dania Aamir filed for divorce after which Aamir leaked her inappropriate audio and alleged that she was cheating on her. It made Dania leak Dr. Aamir’s naked videos filmed in their room. The controversy spread like a wildfire that still couldn’t be extinguished.

Aamir Liaquat Pakistan

The blame game between the couple has become gossip material on social media platforms. Aamir is facing constant body shaming and severe criticism on social media and main media. Dania is also judged on her character and questioned about the lies she’s been telling to the public. The controversy that started little has become uncontrollable.


Aamir Liaquat Response to the Fiasco

Aamir Liaquat Pakistan

Aamir has been sharing his opinion on the allegations from Dania through social media. He has also appeared in various interviews to put forward his side of the story. But the public support is with Dania. Not just that, Aamir has also become a meme material. He’s subject to criticism, body shamming, and humiliation by the public. With all this happening in his life, no one is ready to stand by his side.

Aamir Liaquat Pakistan

Aamir has posted a 52-minute-long video stating everything that has happened to him from day one of the controversies. He’s crying, weeping, and even preferring death over life. God knows if it’s true or not, the former TV maestro seems to be broke. He posted the video right after writing the post stating, “After a while will release my last statement regarding the filthy fiasco from the land of Pakistan and then leave forever.”

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Where’s Aamir Liaquat Now?

Aamir Liaquat Pakistan

According to sources, Aamir Liaquat is still in the country. His plan to leave Pakistan couldn’t be confirmed yet. However, the video he posted hints that he doesn’t want to stay in the country. The intensity of his controversy has knocked him out of the media. He doesn’t see a career in Pakistan and feels that leaving the country is a need of the time.

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