Agha Ali Cleared The Air After Got Into A Controversy Of Supporting Body Shaming

A video clip went viral on social media of Nida Yasir’s Eid special show. Nida invited newly-wedded Aagha Ali and his wife Hina Altaf as special guests of the show. A sequence of Q&As was going on when Nida asked Agha what if Hina gets fat after marriage? And, Hina told that
Aagha took only one promise from her before marriage that, “Please do never get fat”.

Everybody started slamming Aagha Ali for offending fat people and body shaming them. Ali took to his Instagram story and posted, ”I asked my wife not to gain unnecessary weight… She is an actress and needs to look fit as no producer or director or writer would like to have an over weight heroine… Also.. she was chubby before and has worked really hard to keep fit.. I myself had a weight loss journey and when in was over weight I had nothing but negligence from the society.. ”

He received so much support and posted reactions of his fans in favor of him. He said he wouldn’t let attention seekers make a fuss of his mere statement. He further said, “Before you call me a “Fat Shaming Idiot” “Mean” or “Ignorant”…Let’s do a live session tonight and answer all these good for nothing idiots”

Aagha was quite overwhelmed with the response of his fans. Within a few minutes, his inbox was flooded with so many positive comments on his InstaStory.