Agha Ali In A Serious Misery After His Statement About Pushtoons

Agha Ali is being dragged everywhere for his statements nowadays. Recently, he was slammed for asking his wife to never put on weight ever. Netizens made a fuss of it for being one of the body-shamers in society. He, later, cleared the air about this thing but still, people are taking it too far.

Another video, from an old interview in the live show, is making turns on the internet in which Agha Ali is making fun of Neelum Munir talking Pushto on the phone. Agha Ali mimicked Neelum while talking on the phone, he said that all of a sudden, she gets loud on the phone while talking in her mother language. Furthermore, he said that he hasn’t seen romance in Pushtoon films.

People took this in a bad sense and put another label on Agha Ali as Racist. Twitter started trending #AghaAliMaafiMango (Apologize Agha Ali) and it went on number 1. Pashtoon people took out their rage and defended their language.

What do you think, Agha Ali did it unintentionally or was really portraying a bad image of Pashtoon culture? Watch the video and let us know!!