Aijaz Aslam Injured Himself While Shooting For A Suicide Scene

49-years-old Aijaz Aslam is one of the finest actors in Pakistan Showbiz Industry. Model and Actor Aijaz has played many leading roles and got a lot praised for his roles in Mehndi, Kis din mera Viyah howay ga, Kashkol, and others. He is recently seen playing a supporting role in the drama series Log kya kahenge which is based on circumstances caused by typical thinking of the society.

Aijaz shared a deleted scene from the drama Log Kya Kahenge on Instagram. The scene shows his body hanged in the air due to suicide attempt. He expressed grief and sorrow for the ones who take such a step to give up on their lives. He captioned deleted scene with this;

“Drama #LogKyaKahenge…THIS SCENE WAS DELETED ON AIR ITS ONLY AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE VERSION DUE TO SENSITIVE CONTENT…finally Haseeb’s journey has come to an end & I got hurt while doing this scene… the harness broke and my neck got stuck in the rope those few seconds were devastating.. my feet were numb & swollen my throat was choked head spinning I couldn’t swallow food for few months.. those few seconds made me realize those who commit suicide go through such pain & agony and leave their families devastated forever… this is a message… please take care of your loved ones and if you notice any unusual behavior in people around you under stress or pressure please take care of them so they don’t reach the extreme point of no return… #haseeb #meerub #logkyakehenge”

This horrific experience shared By Aijaz Aslam was an eye-opening for people to look after their closed and loved ones if they are going through worst in life. Saving their life could save them from pain of suffering and from no return!!