Aima Baig & Taloulah Mair’s Controversy

The super gorgeous starlet Aima Baig is accused of hitting on British model Taloulah Mair’s boyfriend. The girl exposed Aima to various picture proofs and videos. She made the data public, the news has spread like a wildfire on social media. Aima is facing extreme backlash and she hasn’t explained her side of the story yet. The allegations are serious in nature that may become problematic for her.

Aima Biag Taloulah Mair Controversy

Aima Baig Exposed by Taloulah Mair

Aima Biag Taloulah Mair Controversy

Taloulah’s boyfriend Qes Ahmed has been in a secret relationship with Aima for more than six months. To your surprise, six months back Aima was also engaged to Shahbaz Shigri. Though the couple has parted ways, she had been dating Qes when engaged to Shahbaz. This makes it clear why the two break up suddenly. Aima’s reel life characters are quite the opposite of what she’s doing in her real life. The fans are in absolute shock after witnessing the other side of their beautiful superstar. Have a look at what Taloulah has shared;

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Taloulah Reveals Aima Baig & Qes’s Dubai Adventure

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In an Instagram story, Taloulah shared how she found out about Aima & Qes’ shenanigans. She wrote, “It was actually Aima Baig, the girl he was actually cheating on me with. He’s actually not a very thoughtful person, but I am. So, one of the first presents I ever bought him was a personalized Zippo.” She also added, “Fast forward a few years and when he went to Dubai to meet Aima, they were staying together and she flew him out. They were having a great time and you know what the gift he bought for her was? A personalized Zippo.”

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This sums up the Aima & Taloulah controversy. Stay tuned to DramaSpice for more updates!