Ali Zafar and his Wife Ayesha Were Once Kidnapped

The renowned singer and actor Ali Zafar was reportedly kidnapped in 2009 along with his wife Ayesha. He was not very famous back then and hadn’t made the incident public. Unhappy with the justice system in Pakistan, Ali shared five years of court proceedings of his kidnapping case on Twitter. The news has taken social media and main media by storm. Most of his fans are in absolute shock. And everyone wants to know how he survived.

Ali Zafar Kidnapping


Ali Zafar Kidnapping Incident

Ali has not gone into details as to how the incident occurred or how he managed to escape, but he told about the kidnapper. According to his social media post, the kidnapper was one of his close friends who has been visiting his house. The culprit misused his friendly relationship with the Ali family. In 2009, Ali and his wife were kidnapped from their house after being blackmailed and bullied. The purpose of the kidnapping was money and reportedly some property. Long story short, Ali managed to survive and get back home safely. He has termed the incident ‘traumatic’ and never spoke about it publicly.


Ali Zafar Kidnapping Case Court Proceedings

Ali Zafar Kidnapping

The national award-winning singer went to court for justice in his abduction case. He filed a case five years ago and named the culprit with the required proof. The case proceedings went on for five long years. He was expecting that justice will be served, but the court decided otherwise. After five years, the court released the culprit without any charges due to a lack of evidence. Ali is extremely unhappy with the justice system in Pakistan. He had also been suffering in the Meesha Shafi defamation case. As a protest, the young man has made the court judgment public along with his proofs.

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