Ali Zafar revealed how he met his wife Ayesha

Pakistani all-in-one celebrity, Ali Zafar opened about his life stories in a recent interview. Ali Zafar has struggled a lot to make his name in the globe. He has won hearts across the border by his acting in Bollywood movies.

The talented Ali Zafar shared about his school days. Zafar told that he started singing for a girl who was his first crush. He tried to impress his crush by singing and recording a whole cassette album, but his heart got broken when the girl refused to take his cassette.

The other one-sided love incident took place in college. He wanted to tell about his feelings to a girl he admired back in college but failed. He lost this chance because of his introvert personality. Ali told that his best songs are best because of pain and grieve in his voice during the moment.

Ali Zafar has a happy ending to his love stories. He shared that when he used to work as a sketch artist in a hotel, he met a pretty girl there. It is about year 2000 when the girl came to get her sketch from him. Both started to like and get attracted towards each other. The girl is no one other than beautiful wife of Ali Zafar, Ayesha Fazli. After some time, Ayesha introduced Ali Zafar to her parents, but her parents never knew anything about Zafar’s popularity and huge fan following.

In 2008, when Ali Zafar and Ayesha were returning home from a lovely dinner, they were kidnapped. Both the families paid hefty amount of 2.5 million to get their kids back. It is still unknown who kidnapped the couple. Later, Ali and Ayesha got married in 2009.

They are having best times of their lives. The singer made Ayesha his wife due to her kind, empathetic, and loving nature. She is a great woman who never wishes bad of anyone. The couple is parents to two cute kids, Azaan and Alyza.

Loved to know about Ali Zafar’s life stories and how he met lovely Ayesha. We wish the couple happiest and loving life!