Ali Zafar’s New Song “Allay (Munjha Mar Wara)” Is Out Now!

Ali Zafar, the Rockstar is out with a new song “Allay (Munjha Mara War)” which is basically a remix of a Sindhi song. This time, Zafar came up with featuring Urooj Fatima and Abid Brohi.

The video of the song is rich in showing the Sindhi culture. Ali Zafar is seen doing a traditional dance. These three singers together are rocking the song in their unique style of singing. Ali Zafar has beautifully sung in Sindhi. Abid Brohi, who got famous with his song “Kadhen Milnda Se”, has done an amazing rapping in “Allay (Munjha Mar Wara)”. Brohi’s first song was also a remake of a Sindi song which came out on Patari first.

The video song is giving recognization to the Ajrak craftsmen, showing Sindhi people in Ajrak and other traditional attire. It is the production of Lightingale Records and the music is by Hassan Badshah.
We are happy to listen to the remake song of regional language with great energy and great singers altogether.

Have you heard the song yet? What are your views? If not, go to Youtube to watch the music video “Allay” now!