Amar khan Shared Things About Her Mother In The Latest Interview

Actress from Belapur ki Dayan and Dil-e-Gumshuda, Amar Khan came in an interview with Iffat Omer where she talked about many things from her life. One of them was about her mother.

Amar Khan told that she found it beneficial that her mother was an underrated actress as being a son or daughter of a huge actor/actress is like having a great weight on your shoulders. You are in pressurized enough for a good outcome.

Amar Khan from Chasm-e-Nam against Ahsan Khan was glad that people don’t expect much from her as they expect from any children of A-class actor/actress. Moreover, she told me about how her journey started and how she entered the Pakistan Media Industry. She said she had nothing in her mind till her A levels, even she never made it to her mother’s set before.

Dayan from Belapur ki Dayan shared that she wanted to go to Australia for doing Business Administration studies on a 50% scholarship but her mother had no money at that time. She stayed 1 year at home and decided that this was the time she set her foot out to know what she wanted to do in her life. That was the time Khan went to the BNU. She thinks that this was God’s planning before hers.

In the interview she shared about her project Belapur ki Dayan, “Director told me that we have offered this role of Dayan to 4 5 actresses, but they refused to act as a Dayan, so either this project will be your image-maker or image breaker, think about it”.
Surely, Amar Khan made well of her role in Belapur ki Dayan. We wish Best of Luck to her for the future!