Amna Ilyas Talks About Colorism!

Top model and actress, Aman Ilyas is always up for her views about colorism. She knows how to handle people who endorse fairness creams or products. Ilyas recently made a replica video of Ayeza Khan’s video endorsing fairness cream in which she named and shamed people who support colorism.

In the recent interview with VoA, Amna shared that as a child she has experienced a lot about her dark skin. for example, her mother used to tell her that she wasn’t born dark. She said that as she has faced this all, she is standing for this cause. She doesn’t want any girl to face it. She is against putting filters in her pictures, she takes her pictures in light.

Day by day, people are getting awareness against colorism because of celebrities like Amna Ilyas. She is doing her level best to play her part in this world.

She was recently a part of controversary where she was backlashed for talking about Amna Haq’s physical appearance. She cleared the air with a very sarcastic video, though.