ARY Digital’s “Faryaad” Teaser Is Out Now!

ARY Digital is soon coming with a drama Faryaad. The teaser is out now featuring actors like Zahid Ahmed, Adeel Chaudhary, Aiza Awan, Nawal Saeed, and others. The drama is directed by Shahid Shafaat and Syed Ali Raza Osama and is written by Rehana Aftab.

Remember Zahid Ahmed revealed that he was doing a totally different this time? In Faryaad, Zahid is doing the role of “Muraad”. He has done roles which never has done before like playing mentally ill person, innocent, and now a deceiver. Playing a negative role was a new challenge for Zahid. The stories of the two ladies Aiza and Nawal will revolve around Zahid’s.
Zahid says about his character that he is basically playing the role of a greedy person who respects no moral values. His character will be hated by all resulting in a lesson for the viewers. Adeel Chaudhary is also one of the main characters of the drama. He has played before in dramas like Bandhay Aik Dour Sey and Munafiq and Yeh Ishq Hai.

We are really looking forward to watching this drama to see Zahid in a negative role. Have you watched the teaser of Faryaad? Share your views!