Asim Azhar Finally Reveals About His Breakup With Hania Amir

The internet spares no one, and this happened with Asim Azhar and Hania Amir as well. Both of them came in limelight when Hania and best friend Aima Baig took to the live chat on Instagram to see and talk to each other. One of the viewers of the live chat asked Aamir about her relationship status with Asim Azhar and she responded in a snappily.

Hania Aamir shared that they are not dating, they are friends, they are not couple or together. This statement by her shook internet, and people bashed her insanely as they were shipping them since forever.

The statement was not official from both of them until Asim Azhar revealed about his break up with Hania Aamir in an interview with Waqar Zaka. He said he’s single, and it was a mutual decision between them. Azhar said he didn’t expect this much social media backlash as break-ups and patch-ups are a part of life. He also deleted his social media accounts for six days instead of deactivating them to avoid anything negative coming towards him. Deactivating them would have gone worse and deleting them helped him dealing with outrage in a great way.

Asim Azhar was strong-hearted that he dealt with this all. He further said that people take depression lightly or as a joke these days. He shared he is lucky enough to be this much strong because he has his elders’ prayers and support with him.

Social Media fanatics need to understand someone’s privacy and depression before its too late. What do you guys think??