Asim Azhar is Engaged to Merub Ali – Reports 

A new wave of news about Asim Azhar’s engagement with Merub Ali has taken up the internet. Reportedly, the famous singer Asim is now engaged to very beautiful fashion model Merub. The news isn’t officially confirmed yet. However, various authentic sources have shared it on their social media walls.

Asim Azhar Engagement with Merub Ali

Asim is a young and talented singer having an extended fan following across the world while Meerub also enjoys a successful modeling career. The young souls were seen together a number of times, but no one could figure out what’s going on. They always looked like casual friends, and now they’re engaged.


Asim Azhar and Merub Ali Relationship:

Merub is a common friend of Asim and his so-called Ex-girlfriend, Hania Aamir. Asim and Merub have been spotted together multiple times, but no one was sure about their relationship because Asim was already hitting on Hania. Just in Asim & Meerub were also seen jamming together and today they’re engaged.

Asim Azhar jamming with Merub Ali before engagement

Moreover, in recent times we’ve seen a clash between Asim & Hania on the internet. They both were kind of fighting on social media. Initially, Hania shared her thoughts about Asim that he couldn’t digest. As a result, they both shared a series of posts revealing their personal issues.

Many actors from the industry also responded to the fierce war and managed to cool them down. And just after few months, we’re hearing Asim is engaged to Merub. Surprise! Surprise! 


Asim Azhar’s Engagement with Merub – News Confirmation

Asim Azhar Engagement with Merub Ali

The news came out after Merub shared a picture with Asim’s mother on her Instagram. It can be mere speculation, but the news is broke by some reputed agencies. We don’t confirm the news as of now until we get a confirmation from both parties. However, we do share best wishes for the two youngsters who make a beautiful couple together.

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