Asim Azhar Sends Help To A Needy Citizen For The Cancer Treatment Of His Grandmother

Every day we see celebrities lifting people who are unable to help themselves. Asim Azhar did the same with a needy citizen on twitter who was crowdsourcing funds for his grandmother, a cancer patient.

The guy Osama asked for financial support on twitter. His tweet got so many retweets that it landed on Asim Azhar’s timeline. Asim without wasting any time reached out to Osama and DMed him his number.

The young singer Asim Azhar tweeted, “Osama – just dm’d you my number. Koi fikar ki baat nahi. InshaAllah sab hojayega.” Osama was so overwhelmed with his response and tweeted about receiving the donation.

Asim Azhar has a jewel heart. He is always there to cheer people around him. A few months ago, he bought his mother a dream car and got so much criticism for flexing around. But, Asim does what he does and he is doing great in the society with all this fame and money he has gotten.

Asim Tweeted, “Allah bohat barha hai. Har din hum jaise gunagaar logo ko achai ka mauqa deta hai. Mera maqsad hargiz kisi ko dikhana bilkul nahi hai leken ye zarur hai ke shayad koi aik banda bhi dekha dekhi mai aik aur achai karday. Isse behtar kuch nahi meri nazar mai.”