Best Drama Serials Of The Year 2020

Pakistani drama industry produced some great drama serials in the year 2020, though the year wasn’t great for most of us in view of the unprecedented conditions. This year turned out to be fabulous for the Pakistani drama industry because of the all-time hit drama serials.

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The drama serials produced in 2020 had different storylines and newer content, unlike the traditional love tales or family brawls. Most of the drama serials from 2020 were praised and admired by critics and audiences from around the world. So, we took a step ahead to list the best drama serials of the year 2020.

Our list of “Best drama serials of the year 2020″ is based on reviews from die-hard Pakistani drama fans and renowned critics. If you, too, are a Pakistani drama fan, don’t miss any drama serial from our list – Enjoy watching dramas!

1. Ehd-e-Wafa (2019-2020)

2. Alif (2019-2020)

3. Damsa (2019-2020)

4. Sabaat (2020)

5. Pyar Ke Sadqay (2020)

6. Ishq Zahe Naseeb (2019-2020)

7. Kashf (2020)

8. Mushk (2020)

9. Prem Gali (2020)

10. Yeh Dil Mera (2020)


1. Best Drama of 2020 – “Ehd-E-Wafa”

This drama serial tops our list and wins the hearts of many Pakistani drama fans. An ISPR (Army media entity) production aired on HUM TV. The drama serial was released in 2019 and ended in 2020; it broke all TV records and became Pakistan’s favorite of 2020. The story revolves around 4 college friends and the instability in their lives – a must watch!

2. Best Drama of 2020 – “Alif”

It is a drama masterpiece with a story out of this world. After its release back 2019, it quickly became the most popular drama serial. As its last episode aired in 2020, the drama serial left behind millions of admirers. The story is about a man with everything, but nothing – sounds interesting? Go and watch!

3. Best Drama of 2020 – “Damsa”

This drama serial gave a new direction to the Pakistani drama industry. It showed a different side of social evils and enlightened the masses. The drama serial perfectly portrayed the sensitive issue of child abuse, and it was appreciated by every viewer – Perfect dramatization of a truly inspired storyline.

4. Best Drama of 2020 – “Sabaat”

Sabaat was a drama serial that filled the gap of current world trends. It was aired in 2020 and became famous because of its cast and new story type. It showed two different sides of the society with a slight addition of humor – Good to watch, of course!

 5. Best Drama of 2020 – “Pyar Ke Sadqay”

A fun-filled drama serial to watch with family and friends. It was also released in 2020 and was loved because of the cast’s funny dialogues and fantastic acting. The drama serial also became controversial because of its off-beat storyline but managed to attract a good number of audiences.

 6. Best Drama of 2020 – “Ishq Zahe Naseeb”

A bit of a traditional drama serial, but it has a magic factor; people loved watching it. The story is about mental health and life issues pertaining to it, with suspense in every episode. This drama serial was released in 2019, with the most awaited end in 2020. If you are looking for suspense and thrill, you should go for it!

 7. Best Drama of 2020 – “Kashf”

Pakistanis are fond of supernatural things, and the popularity of this drama serial is a perfect example. At the start of the year 2020, the drama serial Kashf was unveiled to the audience in Pakistan, and soon after its release, it became one of the most-watched drama serials of the time. You can foresee the future with Kashf (lead role) in this drama serial.

 8. Best Drama of 2020 – ” Mushk”

Undoubtedly, a traditional love tale with a touch of suspense and adventure. Mushk is an evergreen drama serial that all viewers love because of its versatility. It was aired in 2020, starring renowned actors from the industry. You should watch this drama series and enjoy every episode until the end.

9. Best Drama of 2020 – “Prem Gali”

The best comedy-drama serial on our list. Pram Gali is a fun-filled and humorous drama serial complemented with the excellent acting skills of the cast, it was released in 2020, and it becomes the best family show. Drama serials like Prem Gali are quite challenging to find; that’s why it set an example for producers – Give it a try and enjoy!

 10. Best Drama of 2020 – “Yeh Dil Mera”

Last but not least, Yeh Dil Mera is one of the best drama serials of 2020 for a reason. It’s the best drama serial in the thriller category on our list. With its awe-inspiring storyline, this drama serial has a separate fanbase.

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