Best Hum TV Dramas 2021

Hum TV airs the finest drama serials produced by top production houses. It is one of the most-watched TV channels in the country. Around five serials have got A-ratings alone in the year 2021. There are more than a hundred blockbuster superhits that have aired on the channel. Its viewership is massive, the channel is tuned in every Pakistani household. If you’re a typical Pakistani, you may miss a meal, but won’t miss the episode of Hum TV’s drama serial.

Best Hum TV Dramas 2021

Best Hum TV Dramas 2021 List

Last year felt like heaven’s treat for drama fans. The audience got such mesmerizing shows that they couldn’t dare miss. We’ve made a list of top picks that’s been trending on Hum. Have a look, you may get something to satisfy your craving for Pakistani content;

1. Parizaad

Best Hum TV Dramas 2021

Parizaad is the best TV serial of all time. The undisputed No.1 that created unbelievable hype around the world. It’s leading the list with a 9.3 IMDB rating. The serial had an inspirational plot that literally made people take life lessons from it. The serial’s dialogues became the slogans of the people looking for a fortune like Parizaad’s. To your surprise, the final episode of the serial was even screened in cinemas.

2. Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay

Best Hum TV Dramas 2021

Starring the super gorgeous diva Mahira Khan, the serial has managed to get second place on the list. It was the most trending serial on social media. After every episode, the serial was in the news. Although it was presented as a love-thriller based on a three-way love story, there was much more than that. If you love plot twists, like getting the hero killed in the middle of the series, this show is made for you.

3. Raqeeb Se

Best Hum TV Dramas 2021

Raqeeb Se may be the third-best because such serials are loved by a selective audience. It’s no doubt a masterpiece featuring an atypical storyline and a star cast. You get acquainted with a completely different narrative about relationships watching this serial. It shows love can’t get you through problems. It’s your will that matters. The serial is something you don’t get to see every year.

4. Mushk

Best Hum TV Dramas 2021

The list couldn’t be completed without mentioning Mushk. This serial has a separate fan base. It stars Urwa Hocane, Imran Ashraf, and Momal Sheikh in the lead roles. The plot depicts the story of a mother abandoned in a foreign land with her daughter. She returns to her country, but couldn’t dare to reveal what she’s been through. Finally decides to set up a con, but she fails very soon. If you find it interesting, go watch it!

5. Raqs e Bismil

Best Hum TV Dramas 2021

The serial has been quite popular among the audience. However, its viewership kind of fluctuated throughout the screening. It starred Imran Ashraf and Sarah Khan’s exclusive duo. They both are top TV stars, exceptionally talented, and have an extended fan following. The plot was also out of the ordinary, a kind of emotional and touchy. If you like lovey-dovey serials, don’t miss it!

Hum TV and the Art of Making Drama Serials

images Best Hum TV Dramas 2021

Hum Network has played a crucial part in creating the worth of Pakistan’s media industry. For years it has set trends and created the best content. Their own MD Productions and various other production houses master the making of fine TV content.

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