Carma Movie to Release Soon! 

The action-thriller movie ‘Carma’ starring Navin Waqar and Osama Tahir is all set to hit the big screens. It is much awaited since 2021, the film had created a huge hype when announced. The supercars and luxury lifestyle featured in the teasers tempted a very large audience. But the film could not make it to release due to some unprecedented reasons. After a long wait of more than a year, it’s finally ready for screening.

Carma Movie Release Date

Carma the Pakistani Fast and Furious

Carma Movie Release Date

No doubt, the film is highly inspired by the famous Hollywood series Fast & Furious. There are various supercars nip and tuck scenes throughout the film. All car chase cinematics give next-level goosebumps to viewers. Not just that, the amount of action and thrill is enough to leave the audience in wonder. There’s no such film produced in Pakistan before. Thanks to the director and producer Kashan Admani for his outclass creation. Moreover, the star cast including Adnan Siddiqui, Zhalay Sarhadi, Navin Waqar, and Osama Tahir quadruple the rapt audience.


Carma Official Release Date

Carma Movie Release Date

Recently, the lead stars Navin Waqar and Osama Tahir appeared in a web interview. They rejoiced to announce that their film is ready for screening very soon. The film’s promotional activities are again in full swing. It will release on 2nd September 2022 in cinemas across the country. You should get your tickets booked because it’s going to be houseful show. Watch the Trailer [Click Here]

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