Chauraha Plot Twist: Junaid becomes a Hero 

Chauraha is doing great for the audience, it has quite an awesome storyline. The recent advances in the serial have doubled the suspense. The viewers feel stuck at crossroads. It’s very true because no one can predict what’s coming. The suspense thriller has lived up to the fans’ expectations.

Chauraha Junaid

Chauraha Unexpected Plot Twist Explained!

Chauraha Junaid

If you’re following the serial, you must know about Junaid. He’s an irksome thug who first played with Zoya’s feelings and later kidnapped her. She was subjected to extreme mental torture and emotional blackmailing. To your surprise, the goon has come back in angel’s apparel. The recent episode was indigestible when the audience found Junaid reaching out to Zoya with a plan to bail her father out of his mother’s love.

The viewers are at a cliffhanger with no hope. This plot twist may urge Zoya to accept Junaid’s proposal. But the audience isn’t ready to accept him as a hero in the story. There’s no legit reason to turn a kidnapper into a lifesaver. Many people think such a plot twist isn’t a good decision. The makers should review the storyline before the next episode is dropped. So, cross your fingers and wait for what’s coming up.


Chauraha Proves to be a “Good” TV Serial

The serial educates the audience on the most recurrent issue in society, online scams. Today everyone is used to internet networking and social media, but most people are faking their lives. One should never trust someone after getting acquainted on the internet. The consequences are disastrous because there’s no one to go to when you find yourself in such a situation. And Choraha is raising much-need awareness.

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