Churails Accused Of Putting On The Show With A Plagiarized Opening Sequence

Churails, a 10-episodes webs series, is making rounds on the internet for showing unique content to the Pakistani audience. People forget about their fav Netflix shows and wait anxiously for episodes to come on Zee5 so they can have something extraordinary to see.

Believe it or not, this recent news about your fav show will make you a little embarrassed. Asim Abbasi’s Churails has been accused of having plagiarized content in their opening sequence. A viewer of the show pointed out that the use of illustration in the opening sequence is someone’s else hard work. The illustration belongs to a French illustrator, Malika Favre.

The viewer, Amna Tariq took to her twitter and tweeted, “Half a minute into the web series Churails and I spot some blatant plagiarism in the opening credits. Malika Favre’s powerful illustration has been quite conveniently ripped off.”

Her tweet went to places and Malika Favre herself replied to her. She tweeted back, “Oh god…. that IS bad! Thanks for sharing. Will look into it.”

Every viewer of the show was disappointed with this act of copying someone’s else work. The show credits Rokhan Studio for designing and illustration of the opening sequence of Churails.

In such a world of legalities, expecting this crime from a high budget series is the last thing on earth.

The Glasshouse Production is looking into this matter of copying infringement as this has recently come to their notice.