Coca Cola Blatantly Plagiarizes Pakistani Singer’s Content!

Singer, drummer, video artist, producer Farhad Hamayun is the one who has formed two bands “Co-ven and Mindriot” in his presence as a lead drummer. He is the Rockstar of jamming and associated with the “Overload” drum band.

He is also associated with launching Meesha Shafi, Atif Aslam, and Symt. He is also famous for a recording studio in Lahore. Farhad is on the news because he has sent a legal notice to Coca Cola for copyright infringement. Coca-Cola has used “Neray Aah” by Farhad Hamayun for their “Coke and Music” Television commercial which is blatantly plagiarized. The TVC is everywhere now on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Farhad is disappointed and says that Coca-Cola has shamelessly lifted the groove, melody, vocalization, accent, and whatnot from his song which was all done by him on his own. He wants this copy culture to stop. He seeks justice in a legal way which is his right!

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