Dil e Veeran the Drama Serial Beyond Expectations

ARY Digital’s recently announced Dil e Veeran drama serial just hit the screens. The first episode has started trending on social media after the official release. However, it could not create much hype after the first-look reveal. What made fans fall for the serial was its intriguing storyline. It has hooked the viewers from the very first episode. The cast’s character play and expression-full acting feels perfect for such an intense series. If you like failed love stories, it’s a must-watch for sure.

Dil e Veeran drama

Dil e Veeran drama Cast and Story

Dil e Veeran drama serial

The serial is featuring a star cast including Shahroz Sabzwari, Nawal Saeed, Hasan Khan, and many more. Its storyline is based on a happy marriage that turns out to be horrible. A young girl marries her dream husband with high expectations from him and his family. But once she reaches her new home it starts to feel like hell. The reason is an unwanted incident that happened on her wedding day. If you want to know more, just go and watch the show!


Dil e Veeran the Idea Behind Making

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The serial is a proud production of Big Bang Entertainment. It is directed by renowned dramatist Zeeshan Zaidi. When most TV channels are experimenting with new content and novel stories, the need for a traditional genre was evident. That’s when the idea for this serial came into existence. And to your surprise, the series is a huge success. It’s set to break the records.

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