Drama Serial “Nand” Behind The Scenes Video

Usually, fans are more delighted to watch BTS videos of drama serials than drama episodes. Drama Serial Nand is currently the most-watched serial in Pakistan. It has a star-studded cast and a fantastic storyline making it everyone’s favourite. If you’re a Nand fan, the BTS video from the set of Nand will definitely leave you stunned.

drama serial nand

Drama serial Nand has become a household name. It is applauded for its unique storyline and exceptional acting skills of the cast. However, this serial also faced backlash after its release but then broke many viewership records. Undoubtedly, it is the most critically acclaimed drama serial that got famous unexpectedly.


Drama Serial Nand BTS Video

Drama serial nand bts video

In the BTS video, the cast is seen preparing for the take of an upcoming episode. The versatile actor Aijaz Aslam also shares his good thoughts about the serial and its forthcoming episodes.

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The serial is airing since July 2020. Around 132 episodes are already released. The cast has also changed as Javeria Saud replaced Minal Khan, yet the drama has managed to uphold the popularity.

drama serial nand

Interestingly, the drama had to end as the story was concluded after 60 episodes. But it was continued with another chapter of the story. The fans are still enjoying the drama.

nand drama serial

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