Famous Tiktoker Died And People Did Not Spear His Wife

Adil Rajput, a famous TikToker died in a car accident. He used to make TikTok videos with his wife Farha Rajput and upload it on his social media accounts. The news was confirmed through a video by his wife where she was seen crying badly and sharing the news that Adil Rajput is no more.

Even after confirmed by Farha Rajput, some people started criticizing her for cashing out of her husband’s death. Other TikTokers came out in support of his wife and sent their condolences. Many other people also came forward to side with Farha.

People dare to question his wife in such a devastating situation. You don’t know how an individual reacts to certain things. We should respect each and other’s feelings.

May Allah give sabar to his wife and bless Adil with the highest ranks in Heavens!