Fans Took Negative Of Armeena’s Remarks For Turkish Actor

Sherdil actress, Armeena Rana Khan is back to showbiz after 3 years of finding the project she desired for. Armeena’s beauty is known to everyone, and she is well busy woman behind the curtains. Khan is currently cast for Hum TV drama.

Now, this is something that will make you go “Whaaaat??” As the Turkish actor, Cavit, also known as Dogan Alp, from the famous drama Ertugrul Ghazi is visiting Pakistan, Armeena was asked by a fan to meet and welcome him. But why? Isn’t this awesome actor already getting attention?

Well, this was our opinion but Armeena’s reply made everyone question her reply. She said, “Umm, welcome to him and may he have a great time with you and his fans. But why would I do that? Mera rishtaydaar tow nahi hai? Begaani shaadi mein Abdulli dewaani? No offence to anyone.”

Yeah, exactly! Armeena’s reply looks convenient and shy too, but fans took it to another level. Many keyboard warriors made it look more awful and guess what? Many showbiz news platforms added more spice to it and turned tables towards Armeena that she is being rude. Even, she also shared this, “I’ll tell you who probably i would go to greet at the airport (provided I’m in pak at that time) my own co-actor Mert Kilic and my own Turkish team. Thank you.”

Because of such spice-adding platforms, Armeena received a lot of hatred and criticism for being rude and jealous.
This criticizing for giving honest opinion culture must stop!