Fatima Jinnah Film Teaser Out Now! 

The film series based on Fatima Jinnah, the mother of the nation has been officially announced. The makers have dropped an intriguing teaser giving a sneak peek into the series. Talking to the media, the director Danial K Afzal told the series will span over three seasons each depicting three different phases of Miss Jinnah’s life.


Fatima Jinnah Prologue Series Cast & Storyline

The series is featuring a star-studded cast including Sajal Aly, Sundus Farhan, and Samiya Mumtaz. These three ladies will play Miss Jinnah’s role in different plot settings. The young Fatima will be played by Sundus Farhan. Then Sajal will portray Miss Jinnah in her mid-thirties. And Samiya Mumtaz will be seen as Jinnah in her late sixties. The series came to the limelight after Sajal was announced to be on the cast list. She’s the reason it’s been trending on social media.

Fatima Jinnah Film Story

The idea behind this biopic series is to celebrate the leading lady of the nation. It’s a tribute to her in wake of the struggle and sacrifices she did for the nation. The storyline follows her life from the pre-partition times to the post-partition era. The series will start simultaneously in Bombay, in 1929 then Lahore in 1947, and Karachi in 1965. For the most part, the audience will see Miss Jinnah fighting for the rights of Muslims and standing alongside his great brother Muhammad Ali Jinnah.


Fatima Jinnah Teaser [Click Here to Watch]

The short clip reminds the horrors of partition and the harmony that came after. No doubt, the series will play an important part to introduce the national heroes to the youth. It’s a must-watch for every Pakistani.

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