Fatima Sohail Took To Social Media To Thanks FIA

Actress and host, Fatima Sohail is an ex-wife of comedian-singer Mohsin Abbas Haider. She took divorce from him after suffering domestic violence enough. Fatima also accused Mohsin for having an extra-marital affair with actress and model Nazish Jahangir.

Last night, according to internet sources, FIA arrested Mohsin Haider and Nazish on the basis of committing cyber-crime. This news quickly broke the internet as the petition of cybercrime by both was filed by none other than Fatima herself.

Fatima and Mohsin are parents to only son whose custody is given to the mother of the child. Sohail took to her Instagram account and expressed her feelings on the occasion of Mohsin’s and Nazish’s arrestation by FIA.

She captioned her post, “Finally after a long legal battle against the injustice to me and my son FIA has found mohsin and model nazish
guilty of the crime ,,fake videos and fake posts against me being circulated and harassing me on social medial ‘’I kept quiet for a long time as the case is being processed in court and today FIA interrogated regarding the matter ‘’I request you all to remember me in your prayers. And they were arrested from their apartment in Karachi”

Let’s see how much authentic is the source of this news as there are still some holes to fill to make it a legit one!!