Favs Met Favs! Sonu Nigam met Sajjad Ali And Called The Meeting Memorable…

Indian singer and song composer Sonu Nigam is everybody’s favorite. He is highly recognized for his vocals in Bollywood films. From Indi-pop to classic traditional melodies, Nigam has beautifully done it all. it runs in the family as Sonu’s father Agam Kumar was also a singer himself.

Sonu Nigam has awarded numerous awards for his work in the field of music. He has established himself with T-series, a popular Indian recording company. He has gotten many fans in Pakistan as well.

Earlier in March, Sonu Nigam met his fav singer, from Pakistan, Sajjad Ali. Both were happy to see each other and couldn’t contain their excitement as we can see in their pictures together. Sonu posted about their meeting on his social media account yesterday. Sajjad Ali and his son were also happy to meet the most generous singer from India. They were invited to Atif Ali’s studio.

Sonu Nigam wanted to seek permission for the cover of “Katna Nai”, beautifully sung by Sajid Ali. He mentioned that the song is everyone’s fav in his family. His sister Teesha Nigam is a playback singer who wanted to cover the song, so Sajjad Ali permitted them without charging any penny.

This is what made Nigam remember Sajjad’s graciousness. We are glad to see the closeness between the two singers from neighboring countries!