Fawad Khan’s Doing A New Show But What It Is About?

Fawad Khan is back on the screen other than commercials. A couple of days ago his new show “Our Guess Tonight” was aired on the 23 News channel. But what is this show is about?

Fawad has a huge fan base and every time people expect something more from it as he was been away from the screen but from music to acting, he has gotten massive stardom. On the 23 News, Fawad is hosting a game show. This game show is simple and easy as the first episode is already out.

In the first episode, the talented Sanam Saeed and great entertainer of “Jeeto Pakistan” Fahad Mustafa was invited. Fawad made the rules of the game very clear between the two. The game was to guess a list of words in a limited time with a help of clues provided by the other participant and vice versa. Sanam Saeed won the game as Fahad failed to guess the words in the given time. The game was super-fast yet fun.

At the beginning of the episode, Fawad Khan wished best of luck to both co-stars for their upcoming films and so did they both. Fawad’s film “The Legend of Maula Jutt” is the pipeline of release.

Next week, Khan will come again with other celebrities on the show.