Fawad Khan’s Health & Maula Jutt

Fawad Khan has paid a huge price for his current film Maula Jutt. This has come at a cost most of us don’t know. The handsome hunk lost his health balance trying to match his character’s appearance. He had to gain over 25 KG weight in a single month. And he being diabetic got in serious trouble. Fawad’s health is outbalanced after such a massive physical transformation. Still, he thinks the film paid it off. It’s very true that hard work always pays off, as we can clearly see from the success of Maula Jatt.

Fawad Khan health crisis in Maula Jutt

Fawad Khan in Health Crisis

Fawad Khan in health crisis after Maula Jutt

Fawad changed his lifestyle for his character in the film. It wasn’t easy and left him in a severe health crisis. According to sources, he has been even hospitalized for a few days after. His kidney collapsed during the shoot and doctors strictly forbade him from the work. To your surprise, he was seen at the set the very next day. Our superstar was very much attached to this project that he took every step to make it happen. He also had a difficult time with his hair extensions, they even caused a medical emergency for him.


Fawad Khan’s Maula Jutt Wasn’t a Smooth Success

There’s a fair reason behind Maula Jatt ruling the box office. It has even bypassed million-dollar Bollywood projects. The team with their great dedication came up with something of the ultimate level. Even after facing a boycott in the country and fewer screenings, the film became a megahit. It wasn’t just popular, but also a major business success. To be very honest, the film is a must-watch!

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