‘Ghissi Pitti Muhabbat’ Last episode leaves audiences stunned

Pakistani drama industry produces very few drama serials that actually pour your heart out, and ‘Ghissi Pitti Muhabbat‘ is one of them. On the 21st of January, 2021, the audiences delightfully watched its last episode and envisioned the drama serial’s true meaning. Though it has come to an end, it has left the audiences in love with its avant-garde story.


ghissi pitti muhabbat

Story & Cast of ‘Ghissi Pitti Muhabbat’

The moral full story was the brainchild of far-famed writer Faseeh Bari Khan. The story has delighted audiences with refreshing entertainment and effectively addressed common issues. Every character is properly presented to the audience, while the impactful dialogues have fairly communicated the message.

Undoubtedly, the cast had brought soul to this fantastic story. The lead and support actors have appropriately played their part to make the story so realistic. Ramsha Khan has remained the most celebrated actress for her role in ‘Ghissi Pitti Muhabbat’ while the khan’s character was everyone’s favorite.


Wrapping up

The drama serial has addressed social issues like inequality and harassment. It’s dark humor not only entertained the audiences but also conveyed the message adequately. The audience awaits more drama serials like this in the coming future.

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