Guess Rahim Pardesi Is Boycotting Hum Awards But Why??

Rahim Paredsi has been nominated by Hum Awards for creating the best content. Just like Zaid Ali, Arsalan Naseer, Sham Idrees, and many more, Rahim Pardesi is a recognized talent by the Pakistani fans and that is why Hum Awards make a competition between each content creator.

Rahim always makes those videos so the public laughs good on them. He’s been making them for many years and quite enjoying the fame show. His comedy generates views in millions on his content on YouTube and Facebook. Now, Rahim isn’t liking this whole Award thing and has announced that he has withdrawn his name from the nomination. The real reason can only be understood knowing what Rahim thinks all of this.

Recently, he made a video in which he said that fans are made not bought. He thinks these award shows are waste of time and also he has asked Hum Awards to withdraw his name. Furthermore, he said that everybody should win based on content. In the end, he thanked his fans for voting for him but also said that these awards shows must not happen.

Rahim is getting criticized for his stunt but he did respond to that as well. He is not manipulating his fans and not gaining sympathy votes. He won’t accept the award even if he wins.

Rahim is up to something and only he knows what. So, let him live his way and Hum Awards do their thing!!