Habs Drama First Episode Left Viewers Wonderstruck 

Habs drama just started off today on an intense note. The audience got to know about the lives of the lead characters. Ayesha and Basit are introduced as two main characters. Ayesha belongs to a working-class family struggling to make a good fortune for herself and her loved ones. And Basit is a rich man with deep pockets leading a successful life. They both are destined to become a wedded couple.

However, the storyline isn’t a simple love story of a rich man and a poor girl. It has dark secrets that’ll unfold in upcoming episodes. Basit has a past that has made him a beast. He doesn’t trust women and has a hatred for them. It has come from a past incident when his mother left his father for someone else. Since then he lacks trust in girls.


Habs Drama Hints towards an Intriguing Storyline

Habs Drama Cast Story and Release Date

After watching the first episode you’re sure to wait for the next ones. Its story is so interesting that it’ll grasp your attention. The question of whether Basit will accept Ayesha as his wife is already blowing away the minds of the audiences. And what twists are to come in their relationship later couldn’t be predicted now. However, the fans are pretty sure they’re going to enjoy every bit of the serial. It’s visible from the social media hype and viewership of episode one.


Habs Drama Star Cast Performances

Feroze Khan has played his character very well. The fans loved his dialogue delivery. Although his character was mismatching with his personality, he rightly portrayed it before the audience. His expressions of anger and aggression felt real throughout the show. Ushna Shah once again proved that she’s the best TV actress with amazing acting skills. Her character-play was the best among all actors.

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