Hadiqa Kiani Enters Showbiz As An Actor This Time!

Hadiqa Kiani is a singer in Pakistan who is famous for having the most melodies and soothing voice. Janaan and Buhay Waliya singer is now entering the media industry as an actor. Hadiqa is making her acting debut in the drama show “Raqeeb Se” coming soon on HumTV.

Hadiqa is casting alongside brilliant actors like Sana Saeed, Iqra Aziz, and Nauman Ijaz, etc. In a recent interview, she expressed her experience working in a drama and her role in the drama. Hadiqa told that she had a wonderful experience working with other actors in the drama. She shared that she learned a lot from Nauman Ijaz as he used to give her many pieces of advice.

Raqeeb Se is a production of Momina Duraid which is written by Bee Gul. What is more exciting that the OST of the drama is sung by Hadiqa Kiana and the lyrics of the OST are written by none other than the mother of Hadiqa, Khawar Kiani. Hadiqa chose a very different field but she got very comfortable in it because she had the company of good people.

Well, best of luck to Hadiqa Kiana who is playing the role of Sakina. We are excited to see her acting debut under the production of Momina Duraid!