Hajra Yamin Talks About Her Decision Of Living Alone From Her Family!

Hajra Yamin rose to fame because of her journalist character in Ehd-e-Wafa. She is getting popular day by day and also gets criticized for her dressing. She, recently, was invited to the “Aurat Kahani” show where she talked about her life decisions.

In the interview, Hajra shared that she comes from a very career-oriented family. She told that they are a total of five sisters. Hajra Yamin left her house because she really wanted to prove herself. She wanted to do something out of the box to show her talent. She said her mother was concerned about her decision to live alone in Karachi. Her mother asked her to visit abroad alone in abroad but Karachi. Living alone in the city of lights had many ups and downs for Hajra Yamin, but she took a fresh start to many things to start a new chapter of her life.

When living alone, Hajra faced many security concerns, for example, she loves to run in the park but people used to take her pictures while running and inbox her to confirm if she was the same. She stopped going to the park.

Hajra Yamin is a brave girl and doing everything on her own like many other women out there. Shout out to such women!