Hareem Farooq Clears The Air About Her Dating Ali Rehman

Many people ship or suspect that gorgeous Hareem Farooq is dating Ali Rehman, but the truth will be revealed in a while. The beautiful actress has been making films with co-star Ali Rehman and people seem to love their couple.

Hareem Farooq came live with Sajeer Shaikh and talked about many things out of which, she also mentioned about the rumors in the air about her dating Ali Rehman. Though, we love them together, DON’T WE?!?!

Hareem, in the live interview, shared, “One thing that people assume to be true about me is that I am dating Ali Rehman” After this
statement, Sajeer took a sigh and thanked Hareem for addressing this thing as she was confused to even ask about it or not. Farooq, further, said:

“Haha..no..no..no..I and Ali are just very good friends, and people just assume that we’re dating or they want us to date. Just something like that!”

Both actors share a very good friendship bond. They worked together in Heer Maan Ja and again in Parchi. They have done a lot of good in dramas as well.

Did this news shock you or not because it made us lowkey shocked!!