Hum Awards and Floods in Pakistan

Hum Awards 2022 is under public rage amid the extreme calamity situation in Pakistan. The country is hit by the worst flooding in its history that left thousands dead and millions homeless. Around seventy percent of the country’s land area is under water. In such a situation it’s inadequate to organize any celebration event. This kind of show will not deliver a good message to the public. The country’s premier has requested the international community to provide support whereas its media industry is busy celebrating the stardom.

Hum Awards Boycott

Who Have Boycott Hum Awards?

Many showbiz stars have decided not to attend the event in solidarity with flood victims. They’ll instead try to help the affectees in their capacity. The first man in the line is Azfar Rehman who requested his fans to donate the ticket amount to flood relief activities. The first lady in the line was Ushna Shah who even said the 1500$ amount people are using to buy event tickets could help feed hundreds of families. She later said that the Hum Network is donating fifty-percent of the sum for rehabilitation of the flood victims, and it’s the reason I’ll be at the show.



Ahmed Ali Butt Strange Ideas About Hum Awards

The comical superstar Ahmed Ali Butt is openly supporting the awards show. He took to Instagram after getting thrashed on social media about not doing anything for flood affectees. He said that everyone is in awe of Angelina Jolie visiting Pakistan and worried about TV stars flying to Canada for a fundraising event i.e., the Awards Show. The acting maestro told us that we were not going there to party, a percentage that we will earn from the show will be used for flood victims back in the country.

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