Is Another Couple Parting Its Ways?

A few days ago, there was news about Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed that they have separated. People who are great followers of celebrities couple are disheartened to listen to this news of couple separating one by one.

Now, another rumor of celebrity couple separation has broken the internet. Feroze Khan, who is admired for everything, seemed to have clearly made all people think about his separation from Syeda Alizey Fatima Raza. Feroze married Alizey in 2018 and was blessed with a baby boy afterward. Feroze’s sisters got him married to his wife in an arranged way. They received a lot of affection and love from their fans. Alizey and Feroze are a very beautiful couple and look very happy together. They admire each other openly.

What is speculated till now that Feroze Khan has unfollowed Alizey and from Instagram. It seems that Alizey has deactivated her account. She can’t be seen anywhere. This thing is very frustrating for all fans.

We hope it is all a rumor and they are doing good together with their son. Have you read this rumor as well? What are your views? Let us know!