Is Fatima Sohail Again On Poking Her Haters?

Fatima Sohail, who is a host and actress, has something special for her haters once in a blue moon. Her fight against domestic violence is what making people hard to grasp. Her ex-husband Mohsin Abbas Haider was accused of having extramarital affair with another actress Nazish Jahangir. Fatima took divorce from him and took the custody of her son from Mohsin. Their parting-story was not more than a controversy itself.

Every week or two, Fatima Sohail and Mohsin Haider are a part of gossips. A month or two ago, it was said that Mohsin and Nazish are arrested by FIA, but Mohsin denied this news. Fatima Sohail was more than happy with this news, but the outcome was not as expected. Now it seems, Fatima Sohail is again sending secret messages to her haters or could be her ex-husband. In the recent stories of her on Instagram, she wrote that a divorcee woman may not be a failed wife but a good wife who succeeds in getting rid of a horrible husband.

QXnPJk3 Is Fatima Sohail Again On Poking Her Haters?

This InstaStory has might got the new haters that she had to share another InstaStory that suggests her haters raise their bars first to compete with her.

Is Fatima Sohail Again On Poking Her Haters?

What is going on in Fatima Sohail’s mind? Can you guess it??