Is Hum Tum Season 2 Coming? 

Hum Tum Season 2 is making headlines. The popular sitcom aired last Ramadan is likely to make a comeback. It had broke numerous viewership records in a short air time of 30 days only. The serial was a unique admixture of comedy and romance topped with emotions. It was the perfect entertainment option to enjoy with the family. The reason for its success was the portrayal of characters that every viewer related to their lives. According to sources, the makers will recreate the serial next year.

Hum Tum Season 2

Hum Tum Season 2 Confirmation Call

Hum Tum Season 2 Ahad Raza Mir

The lead actor of the Ahad Raza Mir recently appeared in an interview. When asked about the making of the serial’s second season, he shared shocking news. Ahad has said given public demand for the show, the producers are thinking to create a sequel. However, he will not be working as a lead. The series’s story will be entirely different with a changed plot. There’s still a chance that Ahad will be part of the cast. Let’s see what happens next, and when season two begins.


Hum Tum Season 2 Details

Hum Tum Season 2 Ahad Raza Mir

The second part of the show will not be a continuation of the previous story. Although the audience was left on cliffhangers, the writer doesn’t want to drag the story. The details that Ahad Raza Mir has shared in the interview hint towards a rom-com style storyline. This time it will be based on family drama. As the serial is not even in the production phase, there are a few details out for now. Once production starts we’ll get more updates.

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