Is Joyland Ban Free? 

After extreme social media debates and official shenanigans, the most controversial movie of the era Joyland is totally ban-free. At first, the film felt glamorous to everyone when screened at international film festivals. It got immense support and applause for taking Pakistan’s media industry to new heights. Later, when the makers announced its release in the country, things got ugly. The teaser release triggered certain factions to call for a ban on the film. Social media became the debate hub with supporters and haters on either side.

Joyland Ban

What’s the Fate of Joyland?

Joyland Ban

If you’re following the news, you may know after getting objections from censor boards and then by the media regulatory authorities, it was given a green signal. But out of nowhere, Punjab’s provincial censor board decided to halt its release. A new kind of situation developed and everyone was wondering if the film would be dumped. The makers then decided to go for legal action to get it passed. And using the constitutional right of expression through media, the team made the film ban free.


Is Joyland Explicit?

Joyland Ban

No doubt, the film is against the social values of Pakistani society. It largely affects public sentiment and hurts the core values. If seen from a religious perspective the film is not only explicit but also intolerable. It is releasing in Pakistan only because of media pressure. The film showcases an intimate love story between a transgender and a married man. The film is filled with chaos and comical sideline stories. If you skip the narrative, the film is enjoyable.

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