Is Sana Javed Being Typecasted?

Sana Javed is an actress who is working in dramas for a quite time now. Her drama “Khaani” in which she came alongside Feroze Khan was super hit because she acted as a straight-forward and bold woman who does not bow down in front of feudalism. Another drama was “Ruswai” in which she played a survivor of sexual assault. Now, people have assumed that Sana is doing such roles again and again after watching her role in the drama serial “Dunk” which comes on Ary Digital.

Sana’s role in the Dunk is showing more of an evil person, but people could not process it. After receiving backlash, Sana finally took to Instagram to show other responses in her favor. People were appreciating her for her outclass performance on Twitter. They are quite happy seeing Sana in a very different role this time. Some people mentioned Yumna Zaidi as well that she is the one who is doing the same roles again and again in every drama.

Twitter had people applauding Sana on one side and criticizing the other side. Twitter is a game-changer for celebrities sometimes.
Were you a part of the Dunk discussion on Twitter?