Ishq e Laa Teasers Left Viewers Awestruck

The teasers for the much-awaited Ishq e Laa drama serial are out now. The viewers have fallen in love with the super-amazing plot and stellar cast of the serial. The first look is trending across all social media platforms. Considering the humongous hype and high expectations the critics are calling it a pre-release superhit.

Ishq e Laa Drama

The serial features Sajal Aly and Yumna Zaidi in the lead roles. Both starlets share a huge fan following. The news about their collaboration made headlines some time back. Moreover, the serial also includes Azan Sami Khan who is entering the drama industry after rocking the music industry. Hum TV is promoting the serial across all media platforms, the OST and teasers have become the talk of the town.


Here’s What is in Ishq e Laa Teasers

ishq e Laa Drama

The teasers give a sneak peek into the serial. All the main characters are highlighted and a hint about the storyline is given. In the first teaser, Sajal Aly and Azan Sami Khan’s story is shared with the audience. Sajal is a journalist proposed by possessive kind of man Azan, he asks her to leave her job to which she replies that she could never leave her job. In the very next scene, Sajal’s mom seems worried about her job nature as she’s a criminal journalist. Last, Sajal is caught by some goons who are troubling her.

Ishq e Laa Drama

The other teaser highlight Yumna’s story. She’s a shy girl fed up with daily harassment by local thugs. And all of a sudden the teaser showcases her new lifestyle. She becomes a bold girl with a complete personality shift. The thrill and suspense in the teasers create an urge to watch the serial right away. Overall the serial doesn’t look regular, it is bringing in something new for the viewers.


Ishq e Laa Drama Release Date

The serial is going to be released soon in a few week’s time. The teasers and Ost hints towards a near-coming release. If you want more updates about the serial stay tuned. 

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