It Has Been A Year Since Tiktoker Asad And Nimra’s Wedding!

Remember having Asad and Nimra, a teen married couple, everywhere on your feed? It’s a year to their wedding. They are celebrating their wedding anniversary. Last year, this teen couple decided to get married. The early marriage created a great hype, everybody went crazy, and they were being called to many interviews. This married couple shared pictures and videos of their first wedding anniversary. They celebrated it with fun and love.

Asad and Nimra are already famous on Tiktok and Youtube. They make videos together and look good together as always. They have a lot of followers who love to see their videos every day. They also made a trip to Hunza with few friends and created beautiful memories there as well. They love to share their lives on Instagram and update people with their Instastory.

Many people their idea of marrying earlier. They have inspired a lot of people. Asad and Nimra have continued their studies and living a happily married life.

Happy 1st wedding anniversary to Asad and Nimra. Keep rocking, shining, and inspiring people!

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