Juda Huay Kuch Is Tarah Drama in Hot Water 

Juda Huay Kuch Is Tarah is the latest drama serial to air on Hum TV. The serial attracted many audiences until the recent episode revealed its dark secrets. At first, it hinted towards a normal love story, but it turned out to be something completely inappropriate, and the opposite of a human lifestyle. The viewers want an immediate ban on the serial, social media users are furious, the serial is facing a huge backlash.

Juda Huay Kuch Is Tarah Drama

Juda Hue Kuch Is Tarah is a creation of Khalil ur Reham who has been a frequent part of big controversies for his unconventional views. This time he’s under severe criticism for violating the rule of life and creating an unethical plot. He has penned the storyline for Juda Hue Kuch Is Tarah serial based on an accidental marriage of brother and sister. It even sounds gross!!


Juda Huay Kuch Is Tarah – An immoral serial

Juda Huay Kuch Is Tarah Drama

In the recent episode, the serial has taken an unexpected turn. It is revealed that Maha and Asad are brother and sister who have got married unknowingly. Maha is also expecting a baby of Asad, the serial doesn’t seem normal, it is kind of promoting prohibited relationships. The audience is furious, everyone is calling shame on Khalil ur Reham, and the social media is full of hate comments. Everyone wants PEMRA to have a look at the content being aired on national TV channels.


What happens Next with Juda Huay Kuch Is Tarah?

Juda Huay Kuch Is Tarah Drama

The serial may be banned or censored by PEMRA. Usually, serials like this are discontinued until remade according to standard rules and regulations. It is quite alarming that a storyline like this gets selected for the full fledge project. The senior writer Khalil ur Reham is well aware of the norms of society, and the basics of human civilization. How he has penned down such a story for a serial. It is absolutely unacceptable to highlight such nonsense on family TV channels.

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