Khalil Ur Rehman’s Statement on Rape Protests

As we know, the public is still grieving the motorway incident. Every day, we are hearing sexual harassment cases and it’s increasing day by day. Many came out on the streets protesting rape incidents. From a woman to a minor child, nobody is safe in the country. Our celebrities are questioning government reaction and are hand in hand with citizens of the state.

Khalil Ur Rehman, once a part of the controversy, also came out to protest rape. Khalil was asked to give his statement about the protest, he expressed

“Pray that it won’t remain a protest only, already they have made my Prophet’s S.A.W ummah to protest. Pray to Allah that our efforts prove to be fruitful, and they come in the position to arrest the culprits as steady as possible.”

Moreover, he shared his thoughts about CCPO’s statement and suggested this
“Sometimes, I am requesting you, there’s a lot of pressure and, mistakenly, words slip out of the tongue. If it is done mistakenly, please apologize to the public.”

We all want culprits to face the law and stand in support of our women!