Koyal Drama Latest Teasers Out! 

Koyal drama is getting closer to the release date every passing day. The makers have recently dropped some intriguing teasers, the fans are in awe of the plot and stellar cast. The serial has created a huge hype, and it is trending across all social media platforms. Moreover, the serial is also the first TV directional debut of renowned actor and director Yasir Hussain, the actor calls this project a wondrous marvel in the media industry. As far as the storyline is concerned, the serial is definitely a marvel.

Koyal drama teaser

As the title of the serial suggests, the serial does depend on the Koel bird. However, the bird isn’t itself presented, it is the spirit of the Koel bird that comes to a character in the serial. Sounds interesting? The serial is quite different and exciting, overall it is based on fantasy and folklores. The trailers hint towards a more thrilling storyline with a twist of drama. You really need to watch the serial to have your doubts clear in mind.


Koyal Drama Cast and Storyline

Koyal drama teaser

The serial features a star-studded cast including Mansha Pasha, Fahad Sheikh, Maham Aamir, Noor ul Hassan, and Fariha Jabeen. Many newcomers are also playing in the serial to showcase the best of their talents. Surprisingly, Mansha Pasha is essaying a negative role for the first time ever in this serial. The duo of Mansha and Fahad is also applauded a lot, their collab in the serial will be remarkable.

The story revolves around an orphan child, the way she’s adopted and raised in different circumstances make the serial. The child grows up as Koel (Mansha Pasha), the serial further advances and Koel meets Moosa (Fahad Sheikh). The story concludes with the life of Koel and Moosa.


Koyal Drama Release Date

The serial will air on Aaj Entertainment, the final release date isn’t announced yet. However, the serial is expected to hit the screens in a few weeks. Stay tuned for more updates!

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