Kuddos To Feroze Khan For Making Safe Portal For Girls In Need

Feroze Khan, everyone’s favorite and stunning actor has jumped in the ground to do good for the girls of this nation. He is indeed in the biggest names of Pakistan entertainment industry but his work is even bigger.

This multi-talented artist is doing what he could for the girls in need. After the motorway incident, celebrities stood up in the support of Public hanging of rapists and women protection, Feroze went extra.

Many news circulated and one of the news was about girl Fatima who was being blackmailed by a so-called boy in Lahore. He went to heights to show his power and was calling himself from XYZ tribe. Feroze Khan on the other hand, met his friends who were really from that tribe and gave Fatima and every other girl their word that if any person blackmails or threats them, they should contact them.

Feroze Khan made a portal/ insta page for that girl “ProtectHerNow”. Later, he changed it to “ProtectThemNow” in the support of every girl or everyone who are getting threats from filthy human beings.

We really appreciate Feroze for coming forward and helping each other out!